Healthy Habits: exercise for lazy people

Amanda Thomas
Lifestyles Editor

Exercising sucks. Lazy people can understand this. I know I should go to the gym but can’t ever find the time or the motivation. Working out is chore I loathe and, if I wasn’t on a sports team, I probably wouldn’t exercise at all. But when I’m out of season and can’t get my lazy butt to the gym, I make a point to do things that at least keep me from turning into a giant blob of food.

Can’t make it to the gym either? Here are a few simple ways to get some simple exercise and movement in.

1. Take the stairs. I know getting to the fourth floor of Raub is tough but take the stairs, catch your breath at the top and congratulate yourself. You just got a mini workout in. After class, take the stairs down. Look at that. Another bit of exercise.

2. Walk from East Campus to Main Campus and vice versa. Don’t take the trolley. I know 15 minutes is a tough time to get from one to the other but if you walk fast, there’s some active minutes in your day. And hey look, more exercise. If your classes are done and you’re in no hurry to get anywhere, walk home. It’s the easiest exercise you can get.

3. Pace around. When you’re talking on the phone, brushing your teeth, waiting for your microwave meal to be done, walk around. Do laps around your room, the hallway, the kitchen table. Move. Standing still isn’t any more fun.

 The more steps you take in a day, the healthier you will be. We are supposed to get an average of 10,000 steps a day and I can promise you that right now you’re probably getting about 3,000-5,000. If you start walking places, getting to 10,000 will be no problem. Steps rack up really fast. Don’t believe me? Invest in a pedometer (found in Walmart) or a FitBit. They track your steps and if you make it to 10,000, congratulations, you’ve had a very active day and can therefore rationalize not going to the gym.


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