The “write” way to spend time

Nicole Creamer
Staff Writer
By David Flores,

By David Flores,

As I sit in the basement of the Stevenson Library, I start to think about the books that seem to go untouched by students and professors on a daily basis. These lonely, untouched books were written with unspeakable words. They could only be written down to get the full grasp of a topic – to get all the information written down with a sealed hardcover.

The authors of these books are proud of their accomplishments, but do you ever wonder if these authors realize that their books sometimes go untouched for years and, if they are touched, it is to throw them aside from something new?

In today’s society, we fail to see the use of books. We got Google! Why do we need books? Google tells us everything we need to know right? Wrong.

Books are the only true form of magic.

By now, we could probably ask Google to tell us a story and a million stories would pop up for us to choose from, but none of these are like holding an actual book in your hands. Nothing beats the feeling of reading a book and becoming so engrossed with it that you don’t put it down for hours. Nothing compares to the feeling you get when the story gets so intense that you need to grip the cover of the book to maintain composure.

By Joe Crawford,

Books are one of the only things left that spark the imagination of people, especially now that technology is all we seem to care about. Reading allows the brain to open up and picture the scenes as they are read. You imagine what the places and people in the stories look like and how they act. Characters become real people in readers’ minds and they end up loving them like real people.

Writing is the most powerful thing on Earth. You may not be able to express how you are feeling or what you are thinking, but turn on a song and the lyrics speak exactly what you are feeling. Read a quote and it expresses the emotions you want to relay to someone. Reading opens the imagination but writing is what starts it all. When you lack the words to speak, it is usually easier to write them down.

I wish I could send our generation back to our parents’ younger years. When they had an assignment, they would go to the library for hours and research everything using the card catalog and writing everything on index cards. It took them twice as long or even longer than that to write a paper. Today, information is literally at our fingertips.

If we all had to go back in time and use the old way of doing things, I think most of us would either get frustrated and give up; we wouldn’t know where to even start. It’s sad how much we depend on technology nowadays.

There is more to life than reading your friends’ latest Facebook post. Reading and writing for fun, as lame as that may sound, is actually a great way to spend your time. Reading and writing bring your imagination to life and also help you to put your thoughts into words.

So next time you don’t know what to do, pick up a book or pen and paper. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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