Transgendered comedian wins over crowd

Kate White
News Editor
Photo courtesy Nicole Walker

Photo courtesy Nicole Walker

Jeffrey Jay won over a large audience Wednesday night.

Erin Kennedy, from the Lock Haven University’s President’s Commission on LGBTQ Affairs, in coordination with the Gay Straight Alliance, Gender Equality and Liberation Services Inc., began with introductions.

The Texas City, Texas native started in comedy 10 years ago, performing in sports bars throughout Texas.

Jay left nothing untouched in his comedy routine, with a unique set up: the first half was comedy and the second half was a question and answer session.

The 28-year-old comic began his set with a random joke and covered many different topics. After warming up the crowd, Jay began to tell jokes that involved being transgender.

“I don’t go around telling people I’m transgender unless I’m getting paid,” he said.

The session was open and allowed people to ask their questions without feeling judged. Several students felt that this type of event is a great way to educate students on campus about something many students may not know about or may not know who to ask about.

“I think it’s important because if people in the audience are closeted about gender identity, it’s really nice to see someone who transitioned who is a lot happier than they were,” Tory Smith, a social work major, said. “So it’s nice to have this message being spread in a way that we can all laugh to and feel happy.”

Photo from Jeffery Jay's twitter

Photo from Jeffery Jay’s twitter

“I think it’s really important to have someone that’s going to be able to bring education to campus but not so much in your face, like, ‘hey this is going to be a lecture come take notes and be super involved,’” Sara Guthrie, a sociology major, added. “It’s light and it’s an atmosphere that everyone was able to feel light-hearted about and get involved.”

The question and answer session was a great way for Jay to tell serious stories as well as jokes, as well as to discuss questions asked at other events, from serious to funny. This served both as a transition from Jay’s jokes as well as a way to educate audience members in a funny way.

“I think it’s really important to use this as an outlet, in a way, to bring this kind of information to campus because it’s a really good way to convey to students in a way that doesn’t sound dry or forced,” Jaquelyn Eckley, a social work major, said. “It’s something they can understand and enjoy and take something away from.”

Jay can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @HeyJeffreyJay


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