The Vault: Challenge your brain with ‘Tetris’

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Remember Space Jam? Remember Star Fox? Remember those treasures locked away in a dusty vault of nostalgia? Well we’re here to pull them out again, because let’s face it some of us college students are poor and can’t afford the new game or movie ticket.

Mary Jones

Within the dark recesses of the vault, behind all of the puzzle video games, is the amazing game that is “Tetris”.

Developed  Alexey Pajitnov and released in 1984, “Tetris” is a Soviet tile-matching puzzle game, the first entertainment software to be exported out of the USSR to the United States. Originally published for the Commodore 64 and the PC, “Tetris”, or some variation of it, is now on every single gaming platform, mobile phones, and even graphing calculators. But why should you play this game? Here’s why!

Good For the Brain!

The whole point to “Tetris” is to place the different shaped blocks, made of four sections, so that they fill up the entire row. Once a row is filled up, it disappears and you get points. With each level, the blocks fall faster, making it harder to place them where they need to go. It’s game over once the blocks reach the top!

This goal, while seeming simple enough one level one, gets harder and harder as the blocks fall faster, making you think quickly. This is an important skill, not just for playing video games, but for life as well!

Good Break Time Game!

“Tetris” is a great game to play when that well needed fifteen minute break comes around between classes or while studying. While it keeps your brain active, it is a fun way of doing it, and because there is no story, it is easy to get in and out of. As an added bonus, because “Tetris” is on every system, including phones, it’s always in your pocket!

It’s “Tetris”!

Named the highest-paid downloaded game of all time in 2010, “Tetris” has sold over 170 million copies, both physical and downloads. Every single game system and smart phone has “Tetris” or some variation of “Tetris”, on it, now including the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in celebration for the puzzle-game’s 30th Anniversary. Hasbro Games has even made a “Tetris Bop-It” and “Tetris Jenga”, which just goes to show how popular and amazing this game is.

If you want to play “Tetris”, or even just learn more about it, check it out here!


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