Andrew Barrett prepares for the big stage

Kathleen Ellison
Online Editor
Photo courtesy of Kathleen Ellison

Photo courtesy of Kathleen Ellison

“Arm, Arm Ye Brave!” rang out through Price Auditorium, filling it with a sense of triumph and excitement; the baritone voice giving life to music hundreds of years old.

Senior Andrew Barrett, a music major, had chosen the piece from Handel’s “Judas Maccabaeus” to perform at Lock Haven’s Department of Visual and Performing Arts Student Recital Wednesday night.

Barrett started singing at Lock Haven a little less than two years ago when Professor SeaHwa Jung came to him with an offer to sing in the choir.

“I always thought to myself I always felt like I had kind of a thick voice that might be well suited for something like classical singing or opera or something like that,” said Barrett.

He now is studying with the hope of becoming a professional opera singer, and plans to study with the internationally known tenor Graham Sanders.

Barret’s love of music began in high school when he started a rock band with his friends. Realizing he had a talent for music, he began studying violin and went to district festivals.

“Those really had a big influence on me because that was the first time I played in a big orchestra.” He went on to say that playing in the festivals showed him that “music is more than just something that sounds good it’s something that speaks deeply to people. “

By the time he applied to Lock Haven University he had already recognized that music was the most important thing to him.  At Lock Haven he practices singing practically everyday.

“Every piece I learn, every piece I listen to, and everything I understand just gets incorporated into this big body of knowledge I have and helps me to really appreciate the music and to feel it on different levels.”

Last semester he received a scholarship to go see operas at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City, giving him a chance to see one of his favorite operas “The Master-Singers of Nuremburg”.

He hopes to one day perform around the world and to give back to future music students.

“My life is full of gifts and I’m thankful for them all every day.”


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