It’s not just raining puppies and kittens

Cierra Cook
Lifestyles Editor


Everyone knows that a puppy is cute but what about a baby anteater? Exotic baby animals are not as public as common animals. Here are just a few to show you how cute they really are.

1. Baby Red Panda

Well sure the red panda is a super adorable animal as an adult, but just imagine what the babies could possibly look like. These adorable creatures are super fluffy and look super cuddly.

2. Baby Fennec Fox

Baby bunnies are so cute when their ears are bigger than their head right? Well a baby fennec fox has ears that can pick up frequency. Their ears are so big and adorable.

3. Baby Anteater

Even though the thought of eating bugs can be really disgusting, this little bug eater is the cutest thing ever.

4. Baby Hippo

Baby hippos are chubby little tootsie rolls, and are so rolly polly. What’s better than a fat animal?

5. Baby Tapir

This small little creature looks like a pig but definitely is nothing like a normal pig. His little spots are so darn adorable.

Exotic baby animals are not always thought about but they sure are cute.


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