Life outside the screen

Nicole Creamer
Staff Writer

In last week’s edition of the newspaper, I wrote about how everyone should read and write more because books – physical, actual books especially – are one of the few forms of magic left. This week, I want to talk a little more about how technology as a larger whole is helping and also hurting us.

Technology is going to continue to grow whether we like it or not. Computers and cars are going to end up smarter than us. Soon we may not have to think for ourselves.

But where’s the fun in that?

Technology helps us with many things including helping us catch spelling errors in our papers and we can’t forget about Google seemingly knowing everything! The amount of machinery that can and aims to keep up with every human thought is scary to think about.

As a business major, I worry that technology will soon take over some of the jobs that I could potentially work at. A lot of paid positions could be replaced by a machine. This could be good for profits, but economically America would crumble if our workers were all laid off and replaced by robots.

By Kai Schreiber,

A lot of people would argue that if technology takes over, that’s just less work for us to do, but such isn’t the case either. We still need to have the power and ability to maintain this machinery as well as be able to take over if the machinery stops working.

Then, returning to last week, there are those who read on computers or other reading devices. Hey guys, reading off of these devices isn’t helping your vision! In fact, growing up we are told that looking at a computer screen for too long can start to affect our vision. Meanwhile, reading an actual book doesn’t hurt your eyes as much and allows you to read for longer. Some technology really isn’t better than the “old” way it’s said to be improving upon.

It’s one thing if you are using your laptop for school work or for an at-home job, but once you get into playing video games and watching TV on your computer too – excessively living your life on a machine – it becomes clear that technology has a stronghold and doesn’t plan on letting go. With one device – a laptop or a smartphone or tablet – we can video-chat with people, read a book, watch TV and even shop at most stores.

If this is what the future is going to be like, then we are going to be one antisocial nation. We are glued behind assorted screens and refuse to come out from behind them.

Future generations are going to lack the communication skills needed to get a job and make friends because of the overuse of technology. Hopefully we find a way to get the younger generations to go outside, to have some fun and to develop genuine social and interpersonal skills instead just developing carpal tunnel.


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