‘The Walking Dead’ fans seek their fix in LA

Lisa Conner
A&E Editor


During the season finale of The Walking Dead on March 29, a short teaser trailer was shown of a new spin off series entitled, Fear The Walking Dead.

This came as a big surprise to fans, one that they are greatly anticipating.

Fans are so excited about this spin off. Many have become tired of the current season, it’s tiresome characters and recurring themes. AMC is providing a great and refreshing remedy.

The current series of The Walking Dead began its show weeks after the virus hit and the show’s main character Rick, wakes up from a coma to a world entirely unknown to him. Rick has to quickly learn and adapt to this new world where the walking dead outnumber the living and those who are living are just as deadly.

According to amctv.com, Fear The Walking Dead, will show fans the beginning of the virus and how it so quickly threw the world in chaos and destroyed it everything we have ever known.

With a new series comes a brand new set of characters. According to imdb.com, Fear The Walking Dead will be starring Cliff Curtis (Three Kings), Kim Dickins (Gone Girl), Alycia Debnam Carey (Into the Storm) and Frank Dillane (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince).

There will also be a major change of scenery, this new series will be taking place in Los Angeles.

Fear The Walking Dead has been created by The Walking Dead writers, Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson. Considering Kirkman was one of the major writers of The Walking Dead contributing to 67 episodes, it is safe to assume that fans can expect the same kind of tone and plots in this new series.  However, Erickson has written for the television series Sons of Anarchy so he may be provide a change of pace to better suit the new series and location.

As of fan of The Walking Dead, I am extremely excited to hear that there is a spin off series of this show. I think fans can expect a nice break from the first series that they have come to love and be rejuvenated through Fear The Walking Dead.

Both of these series have taken place in warmer climates, it would have been a better change of pace and scenery to see how the winter months are below freezing in some of the northern states such as New York or Pennsylvania.

This new series will premier this summer with the second season expected to premier in 2016.  This airing schedule will provide a remedy to fans who just can’t get enough of zombies.


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