Tuition freeze for PASSHE students in 2015/2016

Kate White
News Editor
By Zack Mccarthy,

By Zack Mccarthy,

Representative Mike Hanna (D-Clinton/Centre) has announced a general tuition freeze for the 2015-2016 school year. This tuition freeze will impact all 14 state-owned universities of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE).

Hanna said, “As a member of the legislature since 1991 and a PASSHE board member since 2004, I am always seeking ways to keep our outstanding state-system universities affordable for Pennsylvania’s middle-class families and all students who want to attend them. The majority of our board has that same desire and chose today to put its faith in the General Assembly and Governor Wolf to restore the state funds that Corbett took from our students.”

The decision was made on April 9th at PASSHE’s Board of Governors regular quarterly meeting.

Govornor Tom Wolf is making efforts to reverse higher education cuts made by his predecessor, former Governor, Tom Corbett in 2011-2012. Wolf plans to restore all funding from Corbett’s cuts by the end of Wolf’s second budget. Corbett cut $90 million dollars to higher education. The budget is expected to be finalized by lawmakers on June 30.

Tuition jumped $1,016 during Corbett’s 4-year term.

What does this mean to students?

Students will see the current 2014-15 school year tuition,  $6,820, stay the same for the 2015-2016 school year as well. This, however, will not be known until the state budget is finalized by lawmakers on June 30th. If the deal that Gov. Wolf has made is not approved, tuition may see an increase.


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