University Players plan for educational opportunity

Kyra Smith-Cullen


By Beatrice Murch,

By Beatrice Murch,

The University Players are hosting their seventh annual High School Theatre Festival, which invites students from around the state to come to LHU, on April 18 from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The event allows high school students to get a look at the inner workings of a college theater department, get advice from students and professionals and attend a performance of “Footloose” at the end of the day. This year, the University Players are expecting around 65 students.

“[Theatre Festival] is intended as both a way to reach out to local high school students to show them some of the opportunities Lock Haven University provides,” said Christopher Rex, a senior majoring in English and one of the student coordinators.

This year, the event is going to include fifteen different workshops that teach topics like stage make up, management, combat and improvisation. The University Players have also invited several professionals in different theatre fields, which will give attendees the opportunity to hear their stories and ask questions.

“The LHU students who help organize and run Theatre Fest get an opportunity to apply what they’ve learned theoretically from several different majors. These students, through the practical application of knowledge gained from course work, conduct workshops and develop publicity for the event,” said Professor Ramona Broomer.

The University Players had to readjust their planning from previous years, due to new LHU policies prohibiting minors from being on campus.

“We found out the new policy the week before everything needed to be due to meet the requirements, so it was a real crunch to get everything in on time,” said Chelsea Smith, a senior education major and coordinator of the event. “However, the women at the Human Resources office and Kelly Hibbler, assistant to the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Education, have been super helpful and flexible with us because of the short notice and newness of the policy.”

By hosting this event, the University Players hope to entice possible students to attend LHU.

“People interested in the performance arts program at LHU is witnessing the collaborative spirit at work among individuals who are promoting the benefits of learning and engaging in the arts at LHU through Theatre Fest,” said Broomer.


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