Editor’s goodbye: A journalistic journey

Kyra Smith-Cullen


DSC_0152Whenever I pictured my future in high school, it was a clear cut thing – go to college, graduate, get a job. Being an Editor-In-Chief wasn’t on the list nor was becoming emotionally invested in a weekly publication like the Eagle Eye.

When I first came to LHU, I was a communication major who wasn’t certain if I was in the right field. I knew I wanted to write, but I had never attempted a journalistic style. It wasn’t until I became involved in the Eagle Eye that I knew that this was the right career path for me and my four years with it has only deepened my intent.

It has had its ups and downs – there were weeks when I’d be worried that there wasn’t going to be content and weeks that I wished I could clone myself to cover all the events I wanted to. I’ve met people who have honored me by sharing their stories. I’ve cried, raged and laughed, all because of this paper.

None of it would have been possible, though, without the staff, students and faculty. The Eagle Eye staff especially have helped me through the tough times. It might seem cheesy, but I’ve made lifelong friends just through the shared experiences we’ve had in the newsroom and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Who else can understand the weekly panic of deadlines or satisfaction of seeing it complete?

I’ve dealt with the constant barrage of “Print Media is dead”, but I don’t think that is true. I think that it’s going through a metamorphosis, adapting to become a more collaborative and interactive experience with online journalism. The two mediums aren’t the enemies people think they are, but symbiotic beings, which has only been validated by our success with our online edition of the paper.

This year, we’ve gained over 100 followers on our wordpress account, risen to over 1,137 likes on Facebook and had several people follow our issue page. In addition to that, we’ve won second place in a statewide contest for the website and have been able to start online exclusive content. When I first joined, I never would have thought these things could happen, but have been delighted that they have.

Both the Eagle Eye and myself have changed since I arrived, but it’s been a positive change and the trend will continue when Kathleen Ellison takes over as Editor-In-Chief.

I’m graduating and I’m proud of that, but part of that pride comes from looking at the Eagle Eye and knowing that I was a part of it.


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