Healthy Habits: Awfully good ways to eat

Amanda Thomas
Lifestyles Editor

Bentley does not offer the healthiest of meals but they do offer the kinds of food you should spread throughout your day. You just need to choose carefully and be smart about what you put in your body and when.

You don’t have to be crazy aware and strict with your calories. Just make sure that you’re paying attention. Remember that you should eat approximately 2,000 calories a day unless you’ve been really active then your daily allotment goes up to make up for all the calories you’ve burned. Try to start paying attention to fiber (24 grams), protein (50 grams), carbohydrates (310 grams), fat (70 grams), sugars (90 gram) and sodium/salt (2.3 grams) content of your foods as well. Paying attention to these will make you more food aware and you can start making healthier and smarter decisions in your daily diet.

Make sure you eat breakfast. Eating breakfast makes you feel less hungry during the day and so you eat less and don’t overeat when you do finally sit down with some grub. Try to eat six small meals a day (including breakfast) rather than three big meals. These meals could include a small salad, granola bar, some fruit, a veggie snack, nuts, granola, yogurt etc. But make sure they are small and nutritious so you’ll feel less hungry, less tempted by fattening food, making you eat less high-calorie meals, and reducing your cortisol levels which will reduce belly fat. High cortisol levels will signal the body to store fat, which happens when you eat a lot at once and far in between, or if you skip a meal. If you eat six small meals a day then you’ll start to feel healthier and you can focus on other things besides how hungry you are and how long it is until lunch.

When choosing your meal, try to go for whole, natural, unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. These foods take up a lot of room in your stomach which satisfies hunger with less calories. If you eat an apple (80 calories), you’ll feel fuller than if you ate a bag of chips (140 calories). Those bags are basically air anyway and you never feel full after.

You don’t have to eliminate the unhealthy and sugar-packed foods that you love. If you try to do that you will definitely fail at this new way of eating and you’ll feel guilty for eating it. You can eat your favorite foods but in proportion and not all day every day. One unhealthy snack a day is enough to satisfy your cravings and eventually you can wean yourself off of your need for a lot of sugar. You will also learn to savor every bite instead of mindlessly eating it and not remembering how wonderful it is. To help you reduce the bad foods you eat, keep them out of the house/apartment/dorm. Out of sight, out of mind.

Finally, and most importantly, don’t eat at night. After you eat dinner at a reasonable hour, close the kitchen (let’s say 8pm stop eating). You can do it I promise. As suggested in last week’s Healthy Habits, start going to bed earlier. By stopping any eating three to four hours before bed, you will go to bed on an empty stomach, not hungry, which keeps your metabolism in a fat-burning state. When you sleep, your body can focus on fixing cells instead of digesting the food you just put in it and you’ll have a more restful sleep. It may feel hard at first, but you’ll be waking up rested, feeling thinner, and ready to eat a nutritious breakfast.

And always remember to drink water.

Taking these steps towards healthier eating and a proper diet will make you feel better in more ways than just your weight. Your body needs proper care and these are easy ways to give it what it needs. Pay attention to what you eat, when you eat, what you drink your sleeping habits and your daily exercise and you’ll have a healthy body ready to take on anything. You just need to start with some healthy habits.


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