Old dawgs, new tricks

Spencer McCoy
A&E Editor




Hilltop Hoods. A rap group you’ve probably never heard of yet many of you may recognize the song ‘The nosebleed section’ off Hilltop Hoods fifth studio album ‘way back in 2009.’ That’s right, I said 5th album. These Australian men who go by the names MC Suffa and MC Pressure have been around for quite sometime. While there have been other members of the group who have come and gone, these two MC’s have stuck with it since the very beginning.

Although Hilltop Hoods hasn’t released any new material since their most recent album ‘Walking Under Stars’ dropped back in August of 2014, I think this group’s relevance and music is still noteworthy.

The strange thing about Hilltop Hoods is that they never seem to get as much popularity and spotlight as some might think they deserve. They have had singles break top 40 charts and have even won multiple awards for best urban albums of the year, as well as the Australasian Performing Rights Association award for Best upcoming group in 2002. Even after having multiple successes for their music, I don’t think Hilltop Hoods will ever reach the popularity status of say rappers like Bobby Shmurda or Kanye West. Two completely different ranges as far as skill and prevalence goes however it’s interesting to note how someone like Bobby Shmurda can put out one song and surge through the nation with popularity, yet groups like Hilltop Hoods and many others who have “been in the game for 10 years makin rap tunes” still struggle to sell out concert tickets.

In my opinion, the best album released from Hilltop Hoods is ‘State of the Art.’ It’s that statement album that everyone dreams of. The album that’s going to change a nation. Well this wasn’t nearly that popular but it has some of the best songs produced by the rap group to date. With tunes like ‘Super Official,’ ‘Hillatoppa’ and ‘The nosebleed section’ that pack a strong 6 inch lyrical punch to the ears, as well as a booming, hip grooves DJ Debris lays down on the turntable.

Check out any of Hilltop Hoods 6 studio albums today! You won’t be disappointed.


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