Scheduling conflicts frazzle students

Nicole Creamer
Staff Writer
By Guyon Morée,

By Guyon Morée,

It’s that time of the semester when everyone complains about scheduling. I am about to join that group of complainers and not only discuss the struggling of scheduling but I am also going to discuss my thoughts on the American education system.

The worst part about scheduling is having to adjust your schedule to accommodate classes that may or may not be open, based on the availability of professors able to teach. Usually, I don’t have many issues with scheduling. This year, however, being a rising senior and needing to take certain courses before graduation, it’s frustrating to know that some required courses aren’t being offered. What’s the point of a required course if it isn’t offered both semesters?

General education courses, as well as electives should be the courses that are offered one semester per academic year, not the important courses that pertain to your major. It is also frustrating knowing that you have no control over the time you register—you’re stuck with what’s left. I personally prefer early classes so I can spend the rest of the day doing homework or relaxing. Unfortunately, professors have to teach many courses, limiting the availability of preferred classes.

Because of this, students are left to deal with the repercussions. Professors get paid, colleges and universities get tuition and students get the struggle of scheduling and student debt, thanks to America’s education system. Every year from elementary school to college, standards change, the price of tuition increases and yet we’re left struggling to try to graduate within the educational system that we’re paying for.


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