Simple replenishment

Kathleen Ellison
Online Editor

Recently I’ve been searching for free games that require minimum thought for my fried brain. My aimless wanderings through the realms of the Internet have not been fruitless; I have discovered the beauty of incremental gaming.

An incremental game is when you do a repetitive action over and over again for a reward, which you spend on things to do the repetitive action for you. These games are just perfect for a little distraction here are four them, which you should try.

Candy Box

When this game begins, you can only do two things throw candy on the ground or eat it. Eventually after you have saved enough candy you can have lollipop farms, visit a sorceress, get a candy sword and go on adventures. The adventure aspect of it is what really got me, especially since it requires a little strategy.

Kittens Game

In this game, you are a kitten in a catnip forest. You start out gathering catnip and turning it into wood. It requires a bit of forethought since the game has seasons, which affects how much catnip you gain or lose.  Eventually you’ll have a kitten village that trades with griffons and sharks, and more.

Cookie Clicker

Make the cookies, farm the cookies, turn gold into cookies and watch the world burn as they become so addicted to your cookies that you destroy the environment and reality. What really won me with this game was not only the sheer destruction you can cause to the world, but also the awesome graphics.

A Dark Room

The game starts in a dark room with a fire. Try to survive the wild in a post-apocalyptic world, building a village. This one requires a bit more strategy with unexpected incidents that wipe out parts of your village and villagers. You can also explore the wastelands surrounding your village.


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