Don’t Need a Green Thumb for Good Grades

Amanda Thomas
Lifestyles Editor

Classes have started and everyone is trying to get back into studying and homework mode (especially me). It’s not that easy, especially if the thought of cracking open the books again makes you cringe. It’s tempting to check Facebook or Tumblr, text a friend or play a game just to procrastinate a little bit longer. But there’s a simple app, one you never knew you needed, that can help set aside the temptation for just a little bit.

The app is called Forest and it’s designed to keep you off your phone for intervals of thirty minutes so you can focus on homework. You simply open the app and plant a tree. Planting this tree starts a timer and during the thirty minute countdown, your tree will grow. If you leave the app for any reason, your tree will die and you’ll need to start all over again. When the thirty minutes are over, a chime sounds and you’re free to stop or plant another tree for more minutes of productivity.

The app isn’t amazing or spectacular but it is useful and the goal is simple: to have as many trees as possible in order to have a forest of productivity. The more trees you have, the more homework you have done. Simple.

We all have trouble putting our phones down. Every beep and bloop destroying any shred of focus we may have gained  but this timer can help.

Download the Forest app to kick start your studying habits this semester. It’ll keep you off your phone and focused during homework time. Get started on that perfect grade report now!


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