Furious fun on ‘Fury Road’

Kathleen Ellison


Two years ago, back in my column writing days, I wrote about one of my favorite sci-fi films: “Mad Max”. Here I am talking to you again about the Australian wasteland brought back to life in the new movie, “Mad Max: Fury Road”. Let me tell you, this movie has blown the classic franchise wide open like a giant tricked-out semi-truck flipping and exploding while someone shreds on a flamethrowing guitar.

George Miller made a come back to direct this movie, which initially made me nervous because I still have not fully recovered from how a certain other returning director treated the Star Wars franchise. How dare I doubt the talent of Miller though, how dare I. The movie stars Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky and Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa.

You definitely don’t need to watch the original trilogy to watch this action-packed masterpiece. I’m not going to really tell you the plot because I feel the movie is best enjoyed knowing little. But it is essentially a 120 minute car chase across the desert and involves a flamethrowing guitar, sniper grannies, lots of explosions and Charlize Theron being a boss with a mechanical arm.


Ladies, listen to me, you are going to love this movie. You are going to raise your kids watching this movie. This movie will get you psyched up and on the edge of your seat BUT without any needless stupid gore, swearing or sexualizing females. Hidden beneath the macho exterior is a movie pulsing with badass women fighting in their own way for themselves. Seriously, the underlying theme of toxic masculinity is fantastic.

Even more fantastic are the stunts! Over 80 percent of the effects in this movie are real practical stunts. Let me repeat that: over 80 percent of the effects are real. So when you see a giant exploding truck while individuals are pole vaulting over it, that’s really happening. And it is beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful, the entire cinematography of this film is amazing, the use of colors and center-framing shots create a genuinely artistic action film that dazzles the eyes. The use of color is especially unique, with vivid yellows and blues, something that you usually don’t see in an action movie let alone a sci-fi dystopian movie.

This movie is the best action film I have ever seen, and everyone and their mom needs to see it. Seriously, go buy “Mad Max: Fury Road”  which is now out on DVD and Blu-Ray. It’s well worth the money and you’ll be watching it again and again.


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