Hello from the Editor-in-Chief

Kathleen Ellison
Photo courtesy of Sarah Eckrich

Photo courtesy of Sarah Eckrich

I started out in the Eagle Eye like many have before me: by taking candy from a stranger.

Little freshman Kathleen was walking along during the club fair when she was lured by the promise of lollipops to sign her life away via an email list. And so began my tumultuous journey through this campus newspaper.

I was immediately given a column despite having absolutely no experience or knowledge whatsoever of working or writing for a paper. In spite of that – by some mysterious magic that is the Eagle Eye – I learned, and that column became my pride and joy.

I can’t describe the way you feel when people tell you that they read your column, or the eagerness you feel when someone is enjoying your work. It’s sort of a mix between finding a $5 bill in your pocket and killing it in Mario Kart as you watch the friendship slowly die in the eyes of your components. You’re equal parts surprised and happy, but also conceited and apprehensive. Plus, sometimes there’s crying and yelling.

Regardless, the Eagle Eye is where I learn and live. Sometimes that involves Disney sing-alongs or giant forts in the office. Also sometimes that involves crying in the archives or smashing random buttons in InDesign. In the end though, I gained not only amazing friends who bought me a cake on print night for my birthday, but amazing skills that I’m going to use for the rest of my life.

Freshman me wouldn’t be able to write a 300 word article in 15 minutes. She also wouldn’t have known anything about how to act in interviews. And she definitely wouldn’t know anything about working in teams or creative problem solving. The Eagle Eye taught me all of that.

I’m looking forward to learning more as the new Editor-in-Chief, and I hope – no, encourage you to come join us and learn too. What is the worst that can happen? You’ll have a lollipop and some new skills?


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