Lock Haven Jaycee’s Regatta Does It Again

Caroline Clayton
News Editor

11942171_10206061941262023_7452780427919994991_oThe 45th Annual Lock Haven Jaycee’s Regatta took place this past weekend bringing with it boat races, entertainment, carnival rides, fair food and ending the holiday weekend with fireworks.

The Regatta is an annual event in Lock Haven which beckons boaters from all over the country to compete. There were many different vendors selling arts and crafts, raising money or selling fall decorations down the midway.

“The regatta brings the Lock Haven community together and it’s really nice to see what different vendors are raising money for”, said Courtlyn Trautman, a sophomore majoring in Health Science, Pre-PA at Lock Haven University.

Along with rides and food, there was music playing by bands including The Urge, Mason Dixon, Snug, All Else Fails and more who entertained fair goers as they enjoyed the Regatta.

“I like listening to the different bands perform,” said Zach Kemble of Marysville,  “Especially when I knew a lot of the songs they were playing!”

Walking up and down the midway, people were smiling and laughing with friends and family, enjoying their time during the holiday weekend, playing fair games, winning prizes and eating deep fried double stuffed Oreos! The events ended on Monday night with fireworks along the Susquehanna River.

Lock Haven University senior, Kevin Byrne, majoring in sports administration, said “In the last three years, I’m glad I got to experience the regatta, it’s nice to see the people who live in Lock Haven that aren’t college students.”

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 Photos courtesy of Caroline Clayton


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