Where in the World: Northern Ireland

Raymond Stellhorn
Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Photo courtesy of Raymond Stellhorn

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Photo courtesy of Raymond Stellhorn

This column will be a new weekly feature in The Eagle Eye during this fall semester. Each week the reader will be introduced to a new city or region within a country. Lock Haven University’s Institute for International Studies offers a large variety of affordable options for studying abroad that gives one the opportunity for visiting these amazing destinations.   

Northern Ireland was the first country I visited outside of Scotland when I studied abroad last year. This forgotten country is one of four that make up the United Kingdom; it is located on the most northern part of the island in Ulster Province. Its capital, Belfast, is a city that has faced many troubles in past years but is now emerging as a tourist hot spot in Ireland featuring the world’s largest museum dedicated to the Titanic, the very dock where Titanic was built and the studios in which Game of Thrones are filmed. Also, one can visit the peace walls and neighborhoods to discover the history of the troubles between Catholics and Protestants.

Beyond Belfast lies a beautiful rolling countryside and one of the most picturesque coastal roads in the world. One of the most striking passages is along the way, north from Belfast through County Antrim towards Londonderry/Derry. You will see castles, have the opportunity to cross over a rope bridge, visit Giant’s Causeway (a UNESCO world heritage site) and see the world’s oldest whiskey distillery.

Unique to Ulster is the essence of being in Ireland with many influences from their British neighbors across the sea. A little over half of the people there are proud to be in the UK and wave the Union Jack while the rest want to be with their brethren from the south in the Republic of Ireland.


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