Neil Patrick Harris brings the ‘Best Time Ever’ to NBC

Alex Wahl
Staff Writer

NBC’s newest show, “Best Time Ever” definitely gives everybody something to smile about.

“Best Time Ever,” hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, started with a bang. The show’s pilot was live from New York City.

The show kicked off with a game called “Best Days of Your Life”. Harris introduced a random couple that recently got married. Because of the special occasion, Harris gave them a special honeymoon vacation to Antigua.

The next game was a live sing-along. In this game, Harris randomly selected three people from across the country that are watching the show at home. Every time that the contestants get a lyric right, they win $1,000.

Afterwards, the show kicked off a segment called “Neil vs.” In this contest, Harris challenged, special guest, Reese Witherspoon to a race. Both Harris and Witherspoon had to run to the top of a skyscraper and zip-line down to the bottom of the building. Matt Iceman, announcer for American Ninja Warrior, was the special announcer for the race. In the end, it was Harris with the victory. Carson Daily, host of The Voice, was also invited to the show as a special surprise.

The show continued with a game known as “Get Lucky”. In this game, Harris gave the audience members a chance to win a Jeep Wrangler, a trip to Sedona and $25,000. Harris gave the audience members questions about news from the past week. If the he contestants answered seven questions correctly, they could then chose seven of 16 prize cards. As a result, one contestant won all three major prizes plus four smaller prizes.

The show ended with a spectacular dance scene with Harris mixing drinks in the air and dancing on a pogo stick with all the special guests that were invited to the show.

“Best Time Ever” will air live at New York City every Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. on NBC. Everyone is invited to watch with everyone across the country having a chance to win some cash prizes.


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