Nick is going retro with ‘The Splat’

Sam Shirk
A&E Editor

From Nickelodeon

Have you heard any rumors about reboots for classic Nickelodeon shows? Well… that’s still not true but at 90s fest on September 12th in Brooklyn, New York, there was an announcement about a new television block featuring classic Nick shows. Nickelodeon is calling this retro block “The Splat.”

A site for the block has been launched but it’s very empty at the current moment and the selected programs haven’t been listed yet. Only a teaser video was released on The Splat’s YouTube channel recently and it featured clips from “Rocko’s Modern Life,” “Catdog,” “Rocket Power,” Hey Arnold!”and many more. This gives viewers some idea of what they will be treated to and, though there isn’t much information yet, viewers can subscribe to the various social media sites for any future information.

It’s exciting that Nickelodeon is doing this because to me, as a 90s kid, I just haven’t felt that spark surrounding Nick in a long time. So many of the new shows lack what made me fall in love with Nick in the first place. There’s hardly any NickToons anymore, not enough slime and

their live action shows are all too similar from my liking. I feel like Nick has lost its unique edge, like various other channels I used to love growing up.



Hearing that The Splat is its own block rather than a rebooting of these classic cartoons has made me feel more excited. I’m not sure a reboot of any of the shows I grew up on would be the same.

“Rugrats” is a perfect example of a reboot that couldn’t get off the ground. It is something not easily recreated. I guess it COULD be redone, but at what costs? Would the story be the same? Would the characters? I can’t help but think it wouldn’t because some of the shows were very time-period centered. Things were much different in the 90s than they are now.

At any rate, I’m looking forward to the release of this 90s block and I think many others will be too. Good news though: viewers aren’t going to be waiting too much longer because Entertainment Weekly revealed that Nick’s new block will be premiering in October. Hopefully more information will be received before then.

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