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Police Reports

9/1/15, 9:49:00 PM, Fairview Suites

Student transported to LHER by ambulance for tongue lacerations.  Injury caused at practice.

9/1/15 6:45:00 AM Raub Hall

Officer backed into pole causing minor damage to rear bumper.

9/1/15 4:24:00 PM Raub Hall

Report of an ill female in restroom. Female was feeling better when officer arrived and declined medical treatment.

9/1/15 6:20:00 PM Area 3 

ParkingVehicle driving at a high rate of speed along Campus Drive.  Officer made contact with driver and observed a case of Busch Light.  Officer confiscated alcohol and disposed off.

9/1/15 12:18:00 AM North Hall

Report of a broken window in the game room area.  Damage to window was caused accidently when a person playing pool hit the ball and ball bounced off the pool table and hit the window.

9/1/15 12:45:00 AM Fairview Suite

Careless cooking caused fire alarm to activate.

9/2/15 8:16:00 AM Area 14 Parking 

Officer witnessed a vehicle back into another vehicle while issuing parking tickets.  Officer instructed driver to stop her vehicle.  In doing so she hit other vehicles.  Citations will be filed on driver.

9/2/15 2:40:00 PM Area 14 Parking

Report of vehicle keyed.

9/3/15 1:45:00 PM Area 19 Parking

Two vehicles reported damage to their vehicle while parked in this parking lot.

9/3/15 1:05:00 PM     N Fairview Street

Skateboard violation.  School policy no skateboard permitted on LHU property.  Student informed of policy.

9/3/15 12:42:00 AM Area 15 Parking

Traffic stop-driving at a high rate of speed on N Fairview Street.  Driver warned and released.

9/3/15 9:44:00 PM Fairview Suites

Report of a male trespasser. A non-student previously instructed not to enter building interviewed along with two male students.  All individuals will be issued a formal trespass letter and all have been verbally instructed to not enter Fairview Suites by this officer.

9/3/15 4:45:00 PM Area 19 Parking

Skateboard violation.  School policy no skateboard permitted on LHU property.  Student informed of policy.

9/3/15 1:01:00 AM   Fairview Suites

Report of an odor of marijuana.  Officer responded and odor was coming from a skunk that had discharged in the vicinity.

9/3/158:27:00 PM Bentley

Report of shoplifting.  Officer responded and investigated this incident.  The investigation showed the individual did pay for the merchandise/product.  Case closed.

9/3/154:31:00 PM Area 9 parking

Skateboard violation.  School policy no skateboard permitted on LHU property.  Student informed of policy.

9/3/15 10:31:00 AM Off-Campus

Assist LHPD with female threatening to harm herself with a gun.  Officer responded and female was taken into custody.  Vehicle search and officer returned to campus.

9/4/15 11:52:00 PM Off-Campus

Assist LHPD with motorcycle group outside a business within the city limits.  No action taken.

9/4/15 5:52:00 PM Sloan

Traffic stop-driver’s side brake lamp not functioning.  Citation issued.

9/4/15 2:24:00 PM Foundation Fields

Noise complaint-officer responded and made contact with coach who agreed to lower the volume on the radio.

9/5/15 4:31:00 PM Ulmer Hall North

Skateboard violation.  School policy no skateboard permitted on LHU property.  Student informed of policy.

9/5/159:43:00 PMArea 2 Parking

Black miniature pincher running loose in parking lot.  Owner notified and a citation issued.

9/5/156:11:00 PMArea 9 Parking

Report of a tire damaged a parked vehicle.  Two white males were observed in Area 5A roll the big tire down the steps and into Area 9 causing damage to a parked vehicle.  Suspect identified as two white males, one with blonde hair white shirt and gym shorts, the other brunette hair with red shirt, brown backpack and gym shorts.   Any information on this incident please contact Public Safety at 570-484-2278.

9/5/15 2:10:00 AM       Off-Campus

Officer patrolling campus observed two males, one appear to have a can of alchol in his hands.  Officer stopped vehicle and one male stopped other male continued walking.  Officer exited vehicle and asked the male to stop.  Male stopped and produced a can of Natural Light.  Male under the age of 21.  Male fled the area.  Officer identified male and will be in contact.

9/6/15 1:03:00 PM         Off-Campus

Assist LHPD with harassment with ex-boyfriend.

9/6/15 7:05:00 PM Off-Campus

Traffic stop.  Possible consuming alcohol behind the wheel.  Unfounded.

9/6/15 1:40:00 AM Area 15 Parking

Female having trouble breathing.  Declined medical treatment.

9/6/15 7:20:00 PM       Off-Campus

Traffic stop.  Vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed.   Citation issued.

9/6/15 2:13:00 AM       Off-Campus

Assist LHPD-Domestic in progress.

9/7/15 2:04:00 AM       Off-Campus

Assit LHPD with an aggressive and strange male upset after officer advised him it was illegal to hitch hike.

9/7/159:15:00 PM    Bentley

Traffic stop. Vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed.   Verbal warning.

9/7/15   7:02:00 PM   Area 3 Parking

Criminal Mischief-passenger side mirror missing from vehicle.

9/8/15     12:15:00 PM   Stevenson Library

Harassment through facebook.

9/8/15 3:30:00 PM     Off-Campus

Assist other agency in apprehending fugitive.  Fugitive apprehended without incident.

9/9/15 10:30:00 AM     On-Campus

Student having problems with females.  Victim contacted and requested no action from our department at this time.

9/9/15 4:11:00 PM Area 19 Parking

Criminal Mischief-damage to the roof of vehicle and a scrap above the passenger door.

9/9/15    7:38:00 PM   Parson’s Union Bldg

Fraud-student reported being scammed through a secret shopper scam on the internet.

9/9/15 8:35:00 PM Fairview Suites Disorderly conduct-report of a fight in progress between male and female.  Unfounded.

9/10/155:29:00 PM       Area 2 Parking

Skateboard violation.  School policy no skateboard permitted on LHU property.  Student informed of policy.

9/10/15 12:34:00 AM         On-Campus

Harassment with an ex-roommate.  Student referred to Student Affairs due to the activity did not meet the criminal criteria.


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