Show me the green not concrete

Lona Middleton
Staff Writer
By Humphrey Bolton,

By Humphrey Bolton,

There is something missing from the Lock Haven campus, something that we the students were told would enhance the overall appeal of the school. What could I be referring to? How about the green space that has been under construction since the end of the last school year? I understand it is difficult to quickly deconstruct a building the size of the old Russell Hall and then set out the lovely green area we were informed would replace the former Hall. Yet, here it is, the next year and there appears to be more concrete than green.

Let’s talk about that concrete. Everyday it seems that there is more sidewalk poured and less green space that we students have been eagerly awaiting. There is more sidewalk space now than there was before Russell came down. At least before the construction there was a large enough lawn for the students to play Frisbee or simply sit around and relax on a nice day. Now there is what looks to be large tracts of cement crossing where the lawn once was. Of course, the reconstruction is not finished so it is a bit premature to guess the result of the finished product.

Moving on from the excessive concrete and what appears to be an increasingly large lack of green space, what about those hideous, fairground, restroom-style buildings littering the front lawn of the LHU campus? I know I am not the only one thinking this. Numerous times over the past few weeks I have passing students wondering why the administration is building bathrooms on what we were told would be a green space with open air buildings.

If this is what administration thinks we want to sit in to enjoy what little lawn is getting replaced, they are wrong.  There is the chance that these buildings will look less like restrooms as the construction nears its end, but as of right now, it’s all seeming rather disappointing. In the meantime, all we can do is hope we get what we were promised.


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