Stress less when a mess gets the best of you

Amanda Thomas
Lifestyles Editor

We all know the semester starts out nice and easy but the second October hits, it feels like the world is ending. But we don’t want students to develop high blood pressure prematurely so remember that when things get too overwhelming, stop, take a breath and do some of these simple things to keep yourself from crumbling under the pressure this semester.

1. Buy a coloring book.

Coloring is a simple and relaxing way to empty your mind and go back to a time when the hardest thing in life was coloring inside the lines. Coloring has actually been proven to distress students, so color away! For those of you that can’t handle buying a Winnie the Pooh coloring book because someone might see you, there are adult coloring books out there today. The designs are complex and force you to focus even more. What better way to distress than to become completely focused on coloring and designs.

2. Download the Colorfy app.

If you don’t want to buy a coloring book and crayons, download this app. It’s on-the-go de-stress coloring. There are a lot of coloring pages and designs you can choose from and color in at your leisure.

3. Have a movie at the ready.

When you can’t look at another flashcard or do another problem, put it all down. Your brain is fried and you need to step back for a little while. Come back to it when you aren’t about to cry. Watch a movie with popcorn and friends. Maybe a comedy? Maybe you need to watch a horror film and pretend it’s your homework being brutally murdered. Whatever you need. Some of you may need a Disney movie and sing-a-longs so you can revert back to being a child for a little while.

By Peter van der Sluijs,

4. Go for a walk or run.

For those of you that are more proactive, you may need to get out of the room for a while. Don’t look at the homework, don’t smell the homework and don’t be near the homework. Get some fresh air and clear your brain. Let it take a break and let your legs get some blood back in them after sitting for so long.

5. Read a book.

One that doesn’t have anything to with school. Read about dragons or magic. Anything that isn’t Shakespearian literature, research methods of psychology or something equally as awful.

6. Take a nap.

We all do this. But when you’re pushing yourself to do all of the homework and do all of the studying, cramming it all in, stop. You can’t handle it. Take a break. Let your mind have a break. When you get to that point it’s not procrastination to take a nap. You actually need it and your brain needs to shut up for a while.

Keep these in mind and, hopefully when you can’t breathe, these will help you keep your head on your shoulders and your tears in your eyes.


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