LHU council of trustees visits construction site

Caroline Clayton
News Editor

FullSizeRenderThe construction on campus that began back in the spring is still ongoing and students are questioning what it’s going to look like in the end.

The week before the Fall 2015 semester started, Faculty, Staff and Students received an email from the Facilities Planning and Scheduling Coordinator, Marchal Rote, on what to expect when returning to campus.

Students and faculty can see that the University Commons project is well under way, the grass is growing and the pavilions are built. The renovations to Ulmer include new offices for senior administrators as well as the President and combining the north and south entrances into one  entrance.

According to The Lock Haven Express, it cost the university $2.3 million for the University Commons and the renovations to Ulmer,  $1.66 million to demolish Russell Hall, $1.6 million for the general construction of Ulmer, $480,000 on plumbing and $225,300 on electric.

James Phelan, a sophomore studying communication at Lock Haven University, says, “The construction is bothersome to me. I think it’s building beauty and when it’s done, our campus will look a little more modern, however, I think it’s distracting and it should have been completed over the summer.”

According to The Express, the rain in June set the schedule of the construction back a little.

Recently, Lock Haven University’s Council of Trustees visited the construction site and they were given a tour by LHU president Dr. Michael Fiorentino Jr.

Vice President of University Relations, Rodney Jenkins gave a statement on behalf of the trustees regarding the construction.

FullSizeRender-2“The Council of Trustees and Lock Haven University leadership is very pleased with the construction on campus. They understand that this is a multi-year project that will help make our institution more competition, more accessible and much more attractive. In Ulmer we have consolidated student-related services creating a one-stop shop to serve our students more efficiently. Once completed, the President and Provost will join student affairs, financial aid, and the Registrar’s office in the building.

A great new addition to campus will be University Commons. In the center of campus, the commons area will be a vibrant place for students to congregate. Once completed with the addition of the amphitheater, it will also be a great option for picnics, concerts, or organized gatherings. The two pavilions offer opportunity for food and great seating. The first phase will open in a few weeks, followed by the second phase, which is planned for opening in the fall of next year. ”

Jenah Dellinger-Eaton, a junior studying English at Lock Haven University said, “Although now it looks like a mess and is annoying, I’m excited to see the end result.”

Students can visit Lock Haven’s website and see a live feed of the construction for the University Commons by visiting http://www.lhup.edu/construction.html.


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