Meet new athletic director Dr. Tom Gioglio

Alex Wahl
Staff Writer

The Lock Haven University athletic department has changed a little bit, but the biggest change is the new guy in charge.

Dr. Tom Gioglio has accepted the athletic director position and is excited to take over. Gioglio has high expectations for the program.

Before coming to Lock Haven, Gioglio has spent 11 years in the athletic department at East Stroudsburg University. Here is the Q&A from my sit down with the new athletic director.

Alex Wahl: How do you like the Haven so far?

Dr. Tom Gioglio: I love the Haven. I’m very excited to be here. We had a great kickoff welcoming celebration a couple of weeks ago. It’s very exciting meeting a lot of people. May be suffering from information overload, but I’m enjoying it at this point.

AW: What position were you at East Stroudsburg?

Dr. Gioglio: I was the director of athletics. I served at that position for 11 years and when the opportunity came to apply to the LHU position, I thought “Wow, what a great opportunity for me.” I actually believed it was a career promotion for me because we have division 1 wrestling and field hockey here with high quality coaches that support the student athletes’ dreams and make sure they take care of business in the classroom and athletes graduating, which is very important to me.

AW: I’ve seen you at the events these last couple of weeks. What do you think of the overall experience so far?

Dr. Gioglio: They are doing very well so far. Our football coach, Dave Taynor, has only been here for a short time and it will take some time for him to get the program moving in the right direction, but we have the right man with high energy and very knowledgeable; he is a great addition to this university. Our field hockey coach, Pat Rudy, is off to an unbelievable start. We couldn’t have asked for a better coach for field hockey. The soccer teams have a long tradition of success here and they are looking to do great things as the conference season approaches.

AW: Which sport are you most looking forward to this season?

Dr. Gioglio: I really don’t have a favorite sport.

AW: How does it feel to be in charge of many Division II programs and two division 1 programs?

Dr. Gioglio: It’s great to be a part of 16 Division II programs and two Division I programs. That was part of the attraction for me. Coach Rudy and Coach Moore do excellent jobs for the sports that they coach and the other coaches do a fantastic job. It’s just exciting whether they are Division II or Division I; they are doing the right things for Lock Haven University.

AW: What are your expectations for the program this year?

Dr. Gioglio: I want to make sure that we provide the student athletes a safe and positive environment. The coaches ensured me that they will teach and give them their expertise and help the student athlete advance not only on the field, but also in the classroom.

AW: If you were to change one thing about the athletic department, what would it be? Why?

Dr. Gioglio: We would like a $20 million donor to come up from hiding and help us with our program.

AW: When you got the call that you were accepted as the athletic director at Lock Haven, what was your reaction?

Dr. Gioglio: Excitement. I was overjoyed.

AW: What is your favorite part of Lock Haven so far?

Dr. Gioglio: The people. I may have only been here for a short time, but the environment, the community, the faculty, and the staff has been exceptional. I look forward to meeting new people and getting more involved with the community.

Dr. Tom Gioglio graduated from Montclair State in 1986 with a bachelor’s degree in physical education. He earned his masters degree from Mansfield University in 1988. Dr. Gioglio received his doctorate in higher administration at West Virginia University in 1993. He then went on to earn a second masters degree in secondary education from Northern State University in 1996.


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