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Police Reports

9/11/1509:51pmCampus village

Report of alochol in room.  Alochol found all individuals involved over the age of 21. Referred to student life.

9/11/15 05:25pm 400 N Fairview St

Report of dog in roadway near smith and bentley.  Dog was transported to spca

9/11/15 09:10pm 18-parking area

Officer dispatched to noise complaint. Females playing spike ball.  Officer requested they keep the noise level down.

9/12/15 02:21am McEntire Hall

Report of an intoxicated male.  Officers responded located male individual (non-student) and spoke to student who signed him into the resident hall.  Both individuals were charged with underage drinking.

9/12/15 01:25am Fairview Suites

Report of intoxicated person and a missing key. Individual cited for underage and missing key located.

9/12/15 09:38am Fairview Suites

requested to check on welfare of individual.  Individual located and instructed to call home.

9/13/15 04:07pm 9-parking area

Report of criminal mischief to vehicle. Officer photagraphed damage.

9/14/15 01:19pm off-campus

Report of harassment at off campus residence. Referred to lhpd.

9/14/15 05:36pm Fairview Suites

Officer responded to report of damage to room. No damage found. Officer instructed resident to keep bedroom door locked.

9/14/15 09:57am Ulmer Hall

Strong odor of gas reported. Maintenance notified and gas odor was caused by contractors.  Gas shut off and officers dispatched building was evacuated. Maintenance assisted with ventilation and building was locked down.  Gas levels checked by maintenance personnel and building was reopened.

9/14/15 06:43am E Campus Center

Officers responded to a discomforting odor on the 3rd floor.  Officer detected odor and determined it was coming in the building through air conditioning vent.  Maintenance informed.  A broken steam pipe caused the odor.

9/14/15 03:21pm off-campus

Report of sexual assault that occurred off-campus. Incident referred to lhpd.

9/15/15 03:38pm North Hall

Officer dispatched to check on welfare on individual.  Person located.  Case closed.

9/15/15 08:24pm off-campus

Traffic stop. Warned and released.

9/15/15 07:46pm McEntire Hall

Report of students using tasers.  Officers responded and no taser found.

9/16/15 09:33pm Fairview Suites

Report of harassment.  Charges pending

9/16/15 10:08am 3-parking area

Traffic stop. Warned and released.

9/17/15 07:01pm Smith Hall

Medical emergency. Transported to lher by ambulance.

9/17/15 02:53pm E Campus J Side

Employee witnessed a female remove a lhu garbage can from the building.  Description provided and incident is under investigation.

9/17/15 08:51pm off-campus

Report of missing juvenile. Juvenile located. Case closed.

9/17/15 10:44am North Hall

Theft of bicycle.  Under investigation.

Theft of bicycle.  Under investigation.


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