Study Abroad Stories: Liverpool, England

Kayla Borges
Guest Writer

kaylaWhere to even begin… there are so many stories I could write about. So many memories I could describe that it would take up too many pages. I could write about my weekend walking the streets of London, or my days spent bicycling over the bridges in Amsterdam, or even visiting the lively pubs of Ireland.  My study abroad experience in Liverpool, England is one I will never forget.

One of my favorite memories of my time abroad took place on the third Thursday of November also known as Thanksgiving. This holiday is specific to the United States, since it celebrates the Pilgrim’s arrival to their newly found home. Thanksgiving has always been a holiday that represents everything I am thankful for, especially my family. Every year since I was young, I have spent Thanksgiving at home surrounded by my entire family; so when the holiday came around, I became slightly homesick.

As the holiday grew near, our resident tutors, Martin, Danny and Lauren, announced that they would be hosting a special Thanksgiving event for the American students. They told us they knew how important the holiday was and that they wanted to celebrate as well! We all agreed to make a favorite dish to share.

kayla2When Thanksgiving Day came, I panicked, realizing I hadn’t bought the ingredients to make my dish I planned to share which, of course, was pumpkin pie. What is Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie?! That morning, I took a trip to Tesco, similar to Walmart, in search of pumpkin, evaporated milk and pie crust. Unfortunately, I left the store empty handed. No one told me that pumpkin was only sold one time a year in England! I was so upset. But I went with my plan B and made some cinnamon spice cupcakes.

That evening, we all dressed up, gathered our dishes and headed to Martin and Danny’s flat. As soon as we entered the building, the delicious smells of traditional Thanksgiving food filled our noses. They went all out to make our Thanksgiving in England special! They went to three different meat places in Liverpool just to find a turkey big enough for all of us. They made mashed potatoes, stuffing and even corn! Before we ate we all went around the table naming one thing we were thankful for. When it came to me all I could say was how thankful I was for that night and the lengths they went through to make it so special. My Thanksgiving in England will always be one of my favorite holiday memories!


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