To make or not to make your bed?

Amanda Thomas
Lifestyles Editor
By Liz Lawley,

By Liz Lawley,

There are two kinds of people in this world: those that make their bed and those that don’t. Those that make their beds have had this habit instilled in them by moms everywhere. Those that don’t make their beds….well, I don’t know what happened. I make my bed every morning.

Although I love crawling in between the flat, smooth blankets, I know some, like my roommates, hate that and prefer to cocoon themselves in free-thrown blankets on their beds. Some like having all the sheets on but just hate to make the bed at all. And there are pros and cons to each side of this battle: to make or not to make the bed.

The pros of taking the extra minute to make the bed every morning.

1. It’s a simple habit that creates other beneficial habits.

When you take that extra minute to quickly straighten out probably the biggest thing in your room, picking up a few straw clothes will probably be an impulse action. Not only does it help you create habits of cleaning your room, it might give you the mind set to organize the rest of your life too.

2. It gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

If the first thing you do in the morning is make your bed, well then hey, look at this task you’ve already completed. Start your day right by being productive and maybe the rest of your day will stay that way as well. Leaving your bed messy may stunt your productivity

3. It distresses you and gives you a positive mind set.

Completing a mindless task that requires very little effort is a simple way to help you slowly wake up and get moving while also keeping your brain in the fuzzy recesses of sleep for just a moment longer. It also de-clutters your space. Less clutter equals less stress.

The pro of not making your bed:

By Arallyn,

1. Less bugs.

At any given time, our beds have over 1.5 million microscopic insects called dust mites living in them. They thrive on the skin cells and the warm, damp atmosphere of our sheets. At night, we sweat. We sweat a lot: almost a liter a night for some people. And when we make the bed, this moisture, skin cells and heat get trapped under the blankets and the little bugs have a party and make babies. Lot and lots of babies. If we don’t make our beds, the moisture is removed from the sheets and mattress and the bugs will dry out and eventually die.

2. Less allergies.

Some people are allergic to the dust mites and their poop so it might be beneficial to try out keeping your bed messy so a while to see if they’re the cause of your allergies.

So the decision stands: to make you bed and keep yourself positive and organized, or don’t make your bed and avoid the bugs that love to sleep with you? I, myself, will probably keep making my bed. The bugs haven’t killed me yet so why not keep a positive mind about me and make some bugs I didn’t even know were there happy as well.


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