Where in the World: Singapore

Raymond Stellhorn


This week, we will visit a small island city-nation in the southernmost part of the Asian continent. Singapore is a modern, booming city that is an independent nation in its own right after being expelled from Malaysia in the 1960s. Also known as the Lion City, because in Malay “singa” means lion and “pura” means city; however no lions have ever lived on these islands. Apart from Malay, there are numerous other languages spoken in Singapore including English and Mandarin Chinese but also, however not as common, Tamil is the fourth official language.

There is very little chance you will get bored in this busy megalopolis. Apart from Monaco, Singapore is the most densely populated country in the world with 6,430 people per square kilometer. Singapore is famed for its beautiful skyline comprised of financial buildings, luxury hotels, dinging options and many renowned brand shops.

The Lion City roars at night with its shining lights and exuberant nightlife. The world’s first night zoo, The Night Safari, is located in Singapore. Recently, this city-state hosted a Formula 1 Race at night using approximately 1500 light fixtures. Marina Bay Sands casino and hotel is the most luxurious place to get a view and feel for Singapore at night. At the top of the three towers that make up the complex is the Sky Park where there are restaurants, nightclubs, gardens, and the most astonishing feature, a 500-foot long swimming pool with a vanishing edge.

Other attractions in Singapore include Universal Studios Park, the Singapore Flyer (a massive Ferris wheel overlooking marina bay harbor), Underwater World and its many gardens like the Gardens by the Bay complex.

It may be one of the smallest countries on Earth but Singapore, a former English colony, brings eastern and western cultures together. The beautiful skyline will capture your heart and you will never let go of the vibrant Lion City.


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