Oh, the hours you’ll work and the internships you’ll have

Nicole Creamer
Staff Writer


Imagine you are a first semester senior and your parents are telling you to start looking for jobs, your professors are giving out work left and right and you are caught right in the middle. To be honest, this person is me.

I hear from other seniors the jobs they want require years of experience they do not have. Now that I have been job searching, I have found the same results. It is funny, you go to college in order to get better jobs and better pay but then, once you graduate, you do not have the experience to get the positions you went to college for.

Some companies claim to require years of experience to scare applicants away from applying, while others actually do require the three to six years’ experience in a certain field. So the question is: how do we acquire the experience needed to attain the job we want?

In my opinion, the answer can be many things: internships, apprenticeships or temporary work. Internships are an opportunity to get inside of a company and learn how the company runs in a certain department as well as learning different things in that department.

Apprenticeships are somewhat like internships except you work more closely with a single person or a couple people to learn a single trade. Lastly, there is temporary work. Temp work is when you work for a company as a temporary employee, usually during a company’s busy times to do the work that the other employees are doing.

There are probably more than these three opportunities but I hear about these the most as a business major. As for which one is the best, it is truly up to the person doing the work and  it depends on your field.

Among many universities, an internship is usually required or highly recommended for most majors. Take an internship or apprenticeship and you will get a few months of experience to put on your resume. If you can not find a job right after college, try applying for temporary work.

No matter which option you choose, you will be gaining experience, networking, opening new doors and learning new skills to take with you down the road.


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