Saving over 560 lives: LHU recieves American Red Cross Outstanding Achievement Award

Joshua Cenderelli
Staff Writer

During the first blood drive of the semester, the American Red Cross Blood Services Manager, Marge Smith, presented Lock Haven University with the 2015 Outstanding Achievement Award for University of the year.

The American Red Cross is an organization that provides help in disaster relief, supporting of military families, health and safety services, international services and collection of lifesaving blood. ARC collects more than five million blood donations each year, providing over 2,000 hospitals nationwide with blood products.

Smith, who presented the award states, “This award is new with ARC this year and I nominated LHU because of all the reasons I stated. Where I think LHU shines the most is recruitment of donors, which is the most important thing for us. LHU makes their goals every time but they step-up recruiting on the day of the blood drive, with students getting in our blood drop costume, going out on the campus, sending tweets, Facebook, etc. and brings in the walk-in donors. It amazes me every time. We have many great university blood drives but LHU shines above them because LHU makes it happen! It all comes down to great leadership & LHU does!”

University director for Community service, Lauren Wright, says “The support from Students, staff, faculty and community members has been wonderful! Many of the volunteers go beyond simply helping recruit blood donors; they will offer their time and assist with our ‘recovery table’ after people donate blood to make sure they are hydrated and feeling well.”

LHU student, Skyler Ruf founded the LHU Red Cross Student Chapter last year; a club open to all students and the current chapter president is Stephanie Rosenberg.

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Wright

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Wright

According to Wright, The Red Cross has a merit system, which includes several factors. Those factors are; number of blood drivers per year, number of units collected per drive, number of times making goal (based on a 3 drive average) per year, student recruitment, promotion through campus, student volunteer system and ARC club. LHU outshined the rest of the schools in the Pennsylvania state system.

Wright says, “Our September 15 and 16 Blood Drive results were 89 on Wednesday and 99 on Thursday, saving up to 564 lives. One unit of blood may save up to 3 lives.”

The Blood Drive was organized by LHU Global MountainServe. Wright, the community service manager at MountainServe informs us that, “LHU’s MountainServe Center for Community Service partners with the students, staff, faculty and community nonprofit agencies to enhance academic, personal and professional development through community engagement experiences.”

LHU’s next blood drive is on December 2 and 3 from noon until 6 p.m. at the Student Recreation Center.


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