Professors’ patience towards jokesters

Nicole Creamer
Staff Writer

We all know at least one person who always has to be the funny one. Whether it is at home or in class, this person needs to be the comedic relief even when none is needed. Don’t get me wrong, I love funny people and a lot of my friend’s think I’m funny, but I know when being funny is appropriate. In the middle of class is not the appropriate time.

Some professors like to make their courses more fun by adding a joke here or there which is great but when a student tries to be funny just to stall or get the professor off track, it is annoying and downright rude.

Most students in college are between seventeen and twenty-three, yet we still have students that act as though they are freshman in high school. I truly hope the jokesters know that these types of things will not fly in a workplace.

I must hand it to professors; they know how to deal with this type of student. In one of my classes, the professor took what the student was trying to sidetrack him with and used it as part of his next topic for us to learn. Another one of my professors kindly answers the questions or acknowledges the comments and moves on.

Professors have the patience needed to put up with a variety of students and as a future business leader, I commend them on that.

College courses seem to show what a business meeting will be like and the types of people you will run into while at work. There’s the know-it-all, the lazy one, the jokester, the opinionated person and so on. All of these people will be people you run into in classes and at work one day.

How do you deal with all of these people without losing your cool? This is something I think most people will benefit from; if they learn how to deal with it. Look toward your professors for the answers. Professors know how to deal with a multitude of personalities and they usually deal with them well.


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