Season premiere of ‘Flash’ doesn’t cut it

Grace Harrison
Design Manager

The highly anticipated second season premiere of “The Flash” aired this week on The CW. After last season’s massive cliffhanger, fans couldn’t wait to find out what happened to the Flash and the rest of Central City.

Barry Allen is the fastest man alive, The Flash, played by Grant Gustin. He’s a forensic scientist with the extraordinary ability to run at superhuman speeds. As the Flash, Barry fights crime and other “metahumans” with the help of his friends.

Last season ended with Barry and “Team Flash” defeating the Reverse-Flash at the cost of Eddie Thawne. Eddie’s sacrifice erased the Reverse-Flash from existence, but also created a giant black hole above Central City. As with all good cliffhangers, fans were left wondering if Barry could stop the city from being destroyed.

Tuesday’s premiere picks up six months after last season’s events. Barry has decided to fight crime alone to protect everyone he cares about, like we haven’t seen that before. Despite Barry committing to the “brooding hero” act, the rest of Central City has caught Flash fever. During a “Flash Day” celebration, the mayor presents the Flash with a key to the city. The festivities are cut short when a mysterious villain, who resembles a knockoff Bane, appears.

Overall, this was a solid episode. It lacked the same amount of comic-like feel as the previous season, but I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully the show will regain the rest of its charm as the season progresses. The plot was stiff at points, especially when Barry was working alone. Even though the black hole flashback was filled with science mumbo jumbo, it helped fill in the gaps.

As usual, Jesse L. Martin steals the show as Joe West. Joe’s relationship with Barry is always my favorite part of the show. I’m also happy to see Iris given a more inclusive role with the rest of “Team Flash.” The episode definitely improved as the team got back together. Even though this wasn’t their best effort, “The Flash” is still the best superhero show currently on television.

“The Flash” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW. The entire first season is now available on Netflix.


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