Stagnancy will not lead to success

Megan Fultz
Guest Writer

Whether you are an only child or you have a sibling, you are constantly at the mercy of societal pressure or familial pressure to become or do something that is less than the human being you’re trying to become.

Although I do not have personal experience in this case, I have many friends who are going through these pressures.

I am privileged, in the fact, that my parents have always been very supportive of anything my older brother and I wanted to do, but I know not everyone has that luxury. Parenting has become comparative in nature.

Well, I have news for each and every college student, young adult and even parents. You cannot press a child into a cookie-cutter mold. No child is the same.

Children change and they need to be able to shape themselves, find out who they are without being pressured to become something that they’re not or someone they don’t believe they are. Young adults need understanding, love and care.

If you’re a parent, keep in mind that if you try to make your child become someone they’re not , you’ve ultimately made them feel as though who they think they are is wrong.

I’ve recently told a friend that if you do not take opportunities you’re not being successful, but her parents believe that by becoming stagnant and staying in her home town will be her success and that she is giving up opportunities at home; when, in reality, she has better opportunities elsewhere that doesn’t involve factory work. Stagnancy is not success, so go out and take those chances that may make you the person you want to become.

Being a young adult is a time where you’re striving to become who you are meant to be, and if you’re a young adult whose parents are holding you back then take the chance, no matter how “stupid” your conquest sounds.

You are not your sibling, your cousin or that kid down the street who went to Yale and you need to find out who you are before your success has stagnated and the real you is left behind.


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