Study Abroad Stories: Corfu, Greece

Amanda Thomas
Lifestyles Editor
Courtesy of Amanda Thomas

Courtesy of Amanda Thomas

Many of us who go abroad take advantage of the ease of travel. Studying abroad in Scotland didn’t give me the cheaper form of travel than those who go to mainland Europe have, but it was definitely less expensive than traveling from the USA to these magnificent places.

One of the places I traveled to was Corfu, Greece. It’s not a famous place in Greece but the places we saw were beautiful, the people were amazing and the times we had were great. The best part of this trip was that I went with nine of my friends whom I met in Scotland. I had only ever traveled with my parents and family before but traveling with friends was an entirely different experience.

With my family, our vacations were always planned out day by day whereas with my friends, we flew to Greece without any plans other than our hotels. We didn’t even know how we were going to get to our hotels. We just winged the entire trip and it was great.

We got to our first hotel called the Pink Palace. It was literally pink. Everything including the building was pink. While there, we went to the beach for the first time in forever. Our skin had turned ghost white in Scotland because the sun never came out so lying on a warm beach was the first thing we all wanted to do. We also went kayaking in crystal blue water and stopped to cliff jump for a while as well. It was fantastic. We stayed there for a few days just enjoying the sun and laughing together.

We then went to another part of Greece by bus where we met up with some of our backpacking friends. We fumbled around for a while until we finally made it to our second hotel where the beach near it wasn’t as nice. We rented cars and ATVs and drove around aimlessly one day just looking around and finding cool beaches to stay at for a little. There are so many beautiful places that we stumbled upon.

Courtesy of Amanda Thomas

Courtesy of Amanda Thomas

One day we explored the city of Corfu and saw one of their forts, did some shopping and had an amazing lunch. Just wandering around a strange city, I found is a great way to travel. If you plan out everything you’re going to do, you’ll miss the cultural aspect of it. You rush from one place to the next and don’t take your time to explore the shops and talk to the people. We met one woman who offered to send her sister two towns away to get my friend cough medicine because she didn’t sell it in her shop.

Traveling with friends is also an amazing experience because it’s just spending time with the people you love, having an adventure together and I can’t express how great it is. One of my friends from Canada, Max Lieberman said, “it was the best experience travelling with friends on exchange. It helped to build strong friendships that would last even if we all come from different countries around the world.”

We say that we’re going to have a reunion in Corfu one year and I hope that we do because I’d gladly spend any vacation with these people no matter where we are. But Greece is still a pretty cool place to visit and I definitely want to go back one day.


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