The British Television Club presents: A double feature of ‘007’

LOCK HAVEN – The British Television Club is proud to announce a ‘007’ Double Feature on Saturday, October 10. The event will be held in the Hall of Flags from 1 p.m. until 6 p.m.

The Double Feature will include the classic James Bond films “Goldfinger,” starring Sean Connery, and “GoldenEye,” starring Pierce Brosnan. “We’re really excited to showcase James Bond,” said Matt McLaughlin, president of the British Television Club.

Even though BTC usually watches TV shows, McLaughlin is looking forward to presenting more movies. “He’s such an important icon in British culture,” said McLaughlin.

The club views different British television shows every week, ranging from comedies, dramas, and reality shows. Even though BTC was organized around the popular science fiction show Doctor Who, they’ve broaden their horizons. “We’ve been working towards including both popular shows, like Downton Abbey, and more obscure ones, like Hamish Macbeth,” said Grace Harrison, vice president.

“Our club is super casual. It’s just a nice time for us to get together every week and geek out a little bit,” said Harrison. Meetings are on Thursdays at 7 p.m. in PUB room 3.

For more information, visit


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