Where in the World: Sochi, Russia

Raymond Stellhorn


Remember the place where the 2014 Winter Olympics were held? If not, it was Sochi, Russia. There is more to this former host city than just the Olympic legacy it leaves behind. It is a thriving coastal holiday resort on the Black Sea in the Russian Federal Subject Area of Krasnodar Krai which hosts numerous events and attractions apart from the Olympic Park.

Nearby is an amusement park called SochiPark themed around the history and culture of Russia. In the city proper are luxurious hotels, delicious eateries and beautiful monuments and parks.

One of these parks is an arboretum called “Dendrarium”. The lush park of trees and plants has a cable car ride that gives incredible views of the green scenery. For other attractions in Sochi, there are numerous sightseeing tours on land and by boat.

Outside of the city, in the nearby mountains, are some world-class ski resorts including the ever popular Rosa Khutor Ski Resort that was used during the Winter Olympic Games.

For many today, the main attraction in Sochi is the Olympic Park still. Numerous events are still held in the area including this weekend’s Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix which will take place on a street circuit that goes through the Olympic Park.

All of the main facilities from the games are still in use including the Fisht Olympic Stadium which will be a venue for the 2018 Soccer World Cup. The magnificently designed Iceberg Skating Palace is one of the main attractions along with the ice hockey venue Bolshoy Ice Dome, Cauldron and the Medal Plaza.

Sochi offers a lovely Russian Black Sea vacation resort with so many things to do where the legacy of the Olympic Games burns on forever.


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