A ‘Walk in the Woods’ is not your average Appalachian adventure

Alex Wahl
Staff Writer


“A Walk in the Woods,” directed by Ken Kwapis, is a Drama film that features two guys wanting to walk the entire Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. Robert Redford, who plays the role of Bill Bryson, takes his old friend Katz, a role by Nick Nolte, on an incredible journey to possibly being the oldest guys ever to walk the Appalachian Trail in its entirety. The film came out to theaters nationwide in Labor Day.

The comedy in this movie will definitely give you a good laugh, but it’s really predictable. This movie is definitely fast-paced because we don’t see a whole lot of the trail. There were some parts in the movie where I could see some great views from the trail. The best part of the movie was during the end credits when it showed some beautiful sights of the trail. I don’t think the movie shouldn’t have casted a British actor in a movie is based in America. Nick Nolte, however, had a perfect role in the movie because all he wanted to do was to have fun in this movie.

The music in the movie made sense in most of the movie. Whenever there was a time for laughter, there was funny music playing, even when the bears came to play. Then there were some relaxing moments in the movie with peaceful music playing. The costumes in this movie weren’t that accurate because nobody would walk the entire Appalachian Trail with jeans and a sweatshirt, unless if it got cold.

Overall, I would give this movie three out of four stars. It was nice to see the trail and the movie was very funny at times. If you are a fan of traveling or comedy, I strongly urge you to see this movie.


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