Habitica helping you to ‘gamify your life’

Kathleen Ellison

OFS7tRnqAre you unorganized? Do you constantly fill notebooks with to-do lists? Do you often daydream that instead of working on homework you’re fighting monsters? Do you like games?

I have the app for you! Habitica is a free productivity app that takes your life and turns it into game while also helping you to better organize your life. This app seriously changed my life.

Habitica does more than just provide you with a place to make a to-do list to check off, in this app, you create a character, fight monsters, raise pets and get gold! Every time you check off an item from your to do list you gain gold, experience and sometimes get drops like quests or eggs which can be hatched into pets to be raised.

What I found really interesting about Habitica is that you don’t just create to-do lists, you can also create “dailies” which are tasks you do everyday. So every time you remember to make your bed you get to go further in the game. You can also create good or bad habits, so if you’re trying to quit drinking soda you can gain gold for every day you go without drinking soda.

If you do a bad habit or miss a daily, you lose health and can even die! But if your productive you can continue to level up and become a wizard, warrior, rogue, healer or mage! They also have cool seasonal outfits to buy for your character, and I am dying to try to get my hands on some bat wings for Halloween.

You can buy weapons, take on challenges, create quest parties with friends or even join guilds if you have specific interest. What I really love about this app though is its gamifying aspect. You can name tasks whatever you want, so instead of just cleaning my room I’m fighting dirt monsters.

Not only has this app made me more organized and productive, it gets me excited to do tasks that I would normally put off, because hey if I do this I can buy that cool battle axe I’ve been saving up for. Or I can create my own rewards to buy  a new movie or a night off.

Habitica is not only easy and FUN to use, it also has a great wiki to help new beginners. You can download Habitica or you can just create an online account at habitica.com.


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