Halloween costume horror

Nicole Creamer
Staff Writer


Halloween—the time of the year when you can dress up as anything you want. The holiday is right around the corner and those of you who still dress up are probably thinking about the costume you want to wear this year.

Unfortunately, it has become a holiday where a lot of women decide they should dress in fewer clothes than they go to bed in.

I’m all for dressing ‘sexy’ to feel good about yourself, but taking a powerful, authoritative figure like a police officer or firefighter and turning those occupations into a ‘sexy’ occupation makes the media right about women.

What I mean is that the media tries to portray women as weak and that women have to dress in a way men find attractive. Men tend to enjoy women in fewer clothing and, when women wear these ‘sexy’ costumes, it feeds into the media portrayal.

Let’s think about this: you can either walk around freezing your butt off and getting negative second glances for dressing as what some would call ‘slutty’ or you can walk around comfortable and getting positive second glances because you look like a strong woman.

I don’t know about you but I would rather walk around in a full police officer costume and make people double-take when I walk by because I portray power not because I’m showing a lot of skin. I think it is more ‘sexy’ to be seen as powerful than it is to be seen in very little fabric.

Women have it ingrained in their minds that they have to show skin to get attention all because the media has taught us this from a young age. Media has taught women that the only way to look ‘sexy’ is to dress in less clothing.

Halloween costumes have followed suit and each year less fabric seems to be added to the costumes. Like I stated above, if you want to dress as a ‘sexy’ cop or a ‘sexy’ firefighter by all means do so!

Halloween is all about having fun and being something you aren’t for a day. It is just sad that many girls choose sexiness or ‘sluttiness’ instead of being something that shows them off as important and powerful.

Personally, my birthday is a few days before Halloween so the whole Halloween theme has been done too many times and is getting old. However, on occasion, I still like to dress up and go out with my friends or have a small party to celebrate the holiday.

The moral of my story here is to say to all the girls reading this: you can dress ‘sexy’ whenever you want, any day of the year.

Make Halloween more fun this year by going as something fun or something that makes you feel powerful. I will be dressing up in a Jack Skellington onesie so if you see me, don’t be afraid to say hi!


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