Hang-gliders, happiness and Hyner Point

Amanda Thomas
Lifestyles Editor
Courtesy of Amanda Thomas

Courtesy of Amanda Thomas

Many people have posted amazing views from Hyner Point but what is the experience really like? Everyone says that Hyner point is best to visit during the fall because of the many changing leaves that make the view even more spectacular. This I truly believe because even just seeing the mountainsides from campus is a sight to see.

I myself have never been to Hyner Point but Carly Heider, a senior Secondary Education English major, has been there multiple times. Every weekend the weather is nice, Carly encourages us to go to Hyner Point but homework keeps us in. But one weekend, before the leaves fall, we will definitely put our books down and venture out into nature for some fresh air as should you.

I thought it was a long hike up but Carly assures me that it’s a 30-40 minute drive before you park and make your way over to the lookout. So even if you are tired and lazy like me, you can still enjoy the beautiful mountainous sight.

Why not make a day-trip about it? There are picnic tables and grills there for your use. Why not spend a day outside enjoying a beautiful sight? Even if you’re swamped with homework, bring it, do it outside. Why do you need to be cooped up inside when sights like this are nearby?

Hyner point is also a popular take-off spot for hang-gliders. Go out and see the sights while watching people jump out into nothing. Not as terrifying as skydiving but it’s still a cool experience to have or watch people do.

Spend a nice day outside while the leaves are still beautiful and the weather isn’t trying to freeze us solid!

If you’re interested and don’t know how to get there, pop this address into your GPS and head out for some amazing sights and pictures!

86 Hyner Park Road, Hyner, PA 17760


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