Janet Jackson’s new album is ‘Unbreakable’

Sam Shirk
A&E Editor


On Oct. 2nd, Janet Jackson released her long awaited eleventh studio album “Unbreakable” and it did not disappoint.

Jackson delivers a lengthy and steamy adult R&B album that really shows off her virtue as a singer. No track was really like the other and each song smoothly transitioned into the next one, giving us a pleasurable journey all throughout.

There are quite a few gems on this 17-track album to look forward to. The title track “Unbreakable”, “The Great Forever” , “Shoulda Known Better,” “After You Fall” , “Broken Hearts Heal”, “Night,”2 B Loved” and, of course, the popular single “No Sleeep.”

“Unbreakable” is a soothing R&B tune that slowly picks up in pace and include a high-chorus. A beautiful showcase of Jackson’s amazing but soft voice. This is only one point where Jackson shows us what her voice can do.

“The Great Forever” has a very strong Michael Jackson vibe throughout it, in fact, MJ’s soul is felt throughout various tracks on the album. During “The Great Forever” Jackson bends and chokes notes as her brother often did. “The Great Forever” is a wonderful pop track with soothing verses and a high energy chorus. It’s so well put together that the song just sucks you in immediately.

“Shoulda Known Better” and “After you Fall” are of the slower range that accent Jackson’s soft voice with lots of instruments that give her voice the illusion of being much bigger. They really show the listener just what a small but beautiful voice can do.

There are a few small differences between these two slower tracks though. “Shoulda Known Better” holds a more uplifting and inspirational edge that varies between slow and fast whereas “After You Fall” is consistently slower. It holds a very faint edge of pain that will cause Jackson to masterfully bring you to tears with her lyrics.


“After You Fall” is brilliantly followed up by “Broken Hearts Heal” which is a sad but happy tune that’s clearly a tribute to MJ. Some of the lyrics include “It was in summer that you left me/The fall and winter never felt so cold” and “We can’t laugh together till we cry/But our love’s ain’t no material thing.” Despite it being a tribute song, it still includes a positive and uplifting tone to it. A staple that seems to be the theme of the entire album.

“Night” and “2 B Loved” are fantastic dance numbers that will have you definitely hoping out of your seat and dancing like nobody’s watching. The music throughout “Night” really accents the dance-vibe and “2 B Loved” is similar to how today’s popular tracks sound. These two tracks alone are assured pieces of ear-candy.

“No Sleeep” is similar to some of Jackson’s old music, especially after “The Velvet Rope,” in the sense that it includes a positive-sex message throughout it. The track strongly reminds me of “Any Time, Any Place” and “Go Deep.” It’s a very sensual song through and through. While J-Cole’s lyrics to me felt out of place at first, I felt like they really added to it towards the end of the song.

“Unbreakable” is Jackson’s first new album in seven years, and, after listening to it, I know Ms. Jackson was seriously missing from our music nowadays. I highly recommend this one as it is a fantastic and mature Janet Jackson album.

Jackson is currently on her “Unbreakable” tour for the album and you can purchase this album on iTunes and Amazon or you can get it from your local Wal-Mart or Target.


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