The F word: feminism

Diosanny Rivera

Even though it’s technically a societal taboo, most college students curse. We use curse words as adjectives, we use them as exclamations; we use them in almost every single sentence we utter.

Words that are considered “dirty” have become almost ingrained into our language. You can’t walk across campus without hearing someone say f**k or sh** or any other curse word you can think of. It has literally become second nature to most of us, myself included.

So why is it other “dirty” words, other societal taboos, are barely uttered? And if they are uttered, they are either whispered as though the skies will open and strike down the person who said it, or they are shouted out loud from the highest peaks so as to make sure that it is heard!

Let’s take one of these other “dirty” words and discuss it, shall we? Why don’t we start with feminism. Ooooo! It’s such a scary word, isn’t it? But it doesn’t have to be.

Society has instilled in us a certain revulsion whenever we hear that word, a certain disgust that we can’t exactly pinpoint.

Many of us have been brought up to understand that the word, feminism, is equivalent to the word man-hater or that it means being sexist towards men (which technically isn’t something that could feasibly happen in our current society but that’s a topic to discuss later), or even that it is equivalent to bra burning women who don’t shave their arm or leg hair because “f**k the man!” But that’s not the case.

Feminism isn’t about hate or hair but sexism, though, it’s much more than that. It’s about acceptance and tolerance.

It’s about understanding where other people are coming from and acknowledging their experiences. It’s about recognizing that maybe you didn’t get to where you are today just by yourself, that maybe societal expectations and biases had an effect on your life, that maybe you have to work harder than other people to overcome obstacles in your way or that maybe you are privileged.

Feminism is not a dirty word. But instead of simply taking my word for it, research it.

Look into what feminism really means and what the movement stands for instead of letting society and the way we were raised dictate our opinion on something.

My suggestion? Start with “Feminism is for Everybody by Bell Hooks.” It’ll change your life.


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