Defeat the belly pouch with a simple fix

Amanda Thomas
Lifestyles Editor

By o5com,

It seems like no matter how many ab workouts you do, you’ll always have that little pouch under your belly button. You could be fit and healthy but that pouch insists on staying there and ruining your gloating capabilities after a workout.

Even if you don’t work out everyday or aren’t as toned as some people, you can still be thin and have this little pouch. This pouch may be fat, which is good to have because it protects your internal organs, but it may also be a result of bad posture or a lack of engagement in your core.

Your abdominis muscle, or abdominal wall, actually covers your entire midsection and connects at your pelvis. If you keep your core lax, the muscles there will weaken. Hyperlordosis is caused by weak muscles and makes the pelvis tilt forward more than it should. The tilt causes the lower abdominal area to protrude forward and your butt to spring upwards. This is what causes the hated belly pouch.

These weak muscles also cause poor posture because they are not engaged and so you hunch over them. Your shoulders hunch, your muscles go lax and your belly pouch is formed.

A simple step to fixing this is to fix your posture. Focus on walking with your shoulders back.. This is going to be a hard habit to form but focus on it for a minute of two at a time until you start to do it unconsciously. It will take awhile but in the long run, a good posture is better for more than just getting rid of some belly pouch. Also try sitting with your back to your chair in class.

Another step is to engage your core. Tightening your muscles will help bring the pelvis back up to its natural position. So stand up straight and engage your core, does your belly pooch move? Then it’s time to make these minor, yet difficult changes. It will be hard and tiring, but sitting up straight and tightening your core while sitting in class is an easy way to start. You don’t want that belly pooch to grow into a fully formed belly do you?


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