Not everything is what it seems

Nicole Creamer
Staff Writer

By Steven Depolo,

What’s a stereotypical girl’s best friend besides diamonds? Clothing! Clothing is actually a funny thing; it can affect your mood and even how people see you.

For instance, days you don’t try looking nice everyone thinks you look nice and days you try to look nice everyone doesn’t seem to care. Now isn’t that funny?

I would love to say I have a fashion sense but sadly, most days, I throw whatever I see first on. You know what happens these days? You guessed it! Everyone thinks I look nice.

Lately, however, I haven’t just been getting that I look nice. No, not nice but hipster!? I hear this term used to describe people all the time but what does it actually mean?

Apparently if I say I’m not a hipster it makes me one, but what if someone really isn’t one? Are those people just supposed to say, “Yes, I am a hipster”, and then have everyone be like, “You just admitted. You aren’t hipster.”

To ease my ongoing mind on this situation I, like every millennial these days, went to Google for an answer. According to, a hipster is, “A usually young person who is trendy, stylish or progressive in an unconventional way.”

Upon reading this definition, I became even more confused over my own style identity. Did I become trendy and stylish overnight? Sadly, I looked in my closet and the answer is no.

Unsatisfied with that definition, I went to the always funny Urban Dictionary. Urban Dictionary defined hipster as, “An unwashed and un-groomed person who hates corporations and everything mainstream, yet still buys Apple products.”

Now, I am so confused I don’t know down from up! I shower every day, I’m a Business Administration major and I have an Android phone! This definition is literally the opposite of who I am!

So now here I am, confused by the definitions of hipster and am left to think that people are saying that I look like the ever so stylish hipster panties. Although I prefer more of a bikini cut, I guess I can deal with being called hipster.

My real question is, why did we create a slang term that defines you as being it when we say we aren’t? It makes no sense really.

The English language baffles me at times. Think about it. We made a term that stands for a type of style and yet, if we say we do not wear that style, people define us as it anyway. This is why other nations hate America (not really, there are other reasons)!

I like using some slang terms and I’ll admit I use the term hipster often but that still doesn’t mean I understand the exact definition. I mean who really knows what “deez nuts” means?! Yet we say it all the time like it’s our job.

I don’t mind people calling me hipster even if that term reminds me of underwear, but slang terms are getting out of hand. What’s next?

The English language is still going to confuse me with or without slang terms. I just wish the slang would slow down.


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