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Police Reports

10/9/15 16:45 REC Center

Theft-Money removed for individual’s wallet.

10/9/15 13:49 Campus Village

Report of non-student staying in resident hall for extended period of time.  Gaining entry to room with University student’s key.  Person previously warned by LHUPD and arrested for defiant trespassing.

10/10/15 22:53 Fairview Suites

Officer observed four males carrying bottled beer.  Alcohol confiscated and individuals sent on their way.

10/10/15 11:50 off-campus

Officer on patrol and observed a male making several attempts to enter the rear door.  Officer confronted male.

10/10/15 16:26 Zimmerli Gym

Officer observed an unauthorized employee in closed building.

10/10/15 20:58 Fairview Street

Traffic stop-vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed.  Driver cited for speeding.

10/10/15 23:55 W Church St.

Traffic stop-driver failed to turn on headlights.  Driver warned and released.

10/12/15 5:21 Susquehanna Ave

ENRADD patrol-vehicle traveling over the 25 MPH speed limit.  Driver warned and released.

10/12/15 5:42 Susquehanna Ave

ENRADD patrol-vehicle traveling over the 25 MPH speed limit.  Driver cited and released.

10/13/15 18:00 off-campus

Assist LHPD with backup on 4 male individuals.  Two of the males had warrants.  Individuals taken into custody without incident.

10/13/15 0:38 Fairview Suites

Fire alarm activated-officer responded and found hair straightener and hair blower plugged in but no smoke.

10/14/15 17:26 REC Center

Report of individuals being disorderly.  Upon arrival the officer approached a male and detected an overwhelming aroma of raw marijuana.  Marijuana turned over by person.  Charges of simple possession and drug paraphernalia.  No trespassing on LHU campus issue by reporting officer.

10/15/15 13:51 off-campus

Assist LHPD with an investigation into a paint ball incident.

10/15/15 12:23 off-campus

Traffic stop-officer observed an expired registration.  Driver warned and released.

10/16/15 10:34 Sloan 

Employee reported feeling uncomfortable with another employee’s actions.


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