Students divided on one-week fantasy leagues

Eli Cooper
Staff Writer

DraftKings_LogoOne-week fantasy leagues DraftKings and FanDuel have been under public scrutiny lately for accusations of insider trading. The leagues have become extremely popular over the last year due to very strong ad campaigns.

Some information was posted by DraftKings on a forum that is usually not made available until after the games because it can help people set up their lineups. Later that day, that same employee won $350,000 and is now causing people to question the integrity of the leagues.

Here at Lock Haven University, students who participate in these one-week fantasy leagues seemed to have different views on the subject.

Senior sport administration major Matt Wyszynski, who uses DraftKings, wasn’t too concerned about the game’s integrity amid the allegations. “I’m still going to play it. I think they’ll handle the situation and make sure the games are fair,” he said.

Matt Lukeski, a senior fitness major was also confident that the company’s legitimacy was not a concern for him. “I think the whole situation is blown out of proportion. I think it was just a coincidence that guy went on to win all that money,” Lukeski said.

Not all of the students at Lock Haven University are comfortable with participating in the one-week fantasy leagues. Senior business administration major Dave Garcia had his doubts about both of the leagues and decided not to get involved at all.

“I’m not really comfortable with playing for money online and putting your credit card information on there so I don’t play in those leagues,” Garcia said.

He also found the recent insider trading speculation to be quite troubling. “If employees have information that others don’t and they’re using it to win money then that’s not fair. I think those kind of leagues are too unreliable,” he went on to say.

Both leagues have denied the allegations and have ensured that the integrity of their games is very important to them. DraftKings and FanDuel will be under close watch as the league’s continue to operate.


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