Think a happy thought: ‘Pan’ rocks theaters

Sam Shirk
A&E Editor

Hurry to the theater Peter Pan fans! “Pan” is one adventure you don’t want to miss.

“Pan” is a fun but emotional tale of 12-year-old orphan, Peter, who is taken away to the magical world of Neverland. While there, he meets some very familiar characters and some very unfamiliar ones.

My favorite part about this movie was that it explained a lot things where Peter Pan is concerned. Such as, why he can fly, where he’s from, what makes him so magical, why he never grows up and so much more. It is the perfect movie for any die-hard Peter Pan fan and I happen to be one of them.

Another point I loved about this film were the characters. I felt this film captured the personality of each character exquisitely. Plus, you learn a lot about the characters you do meet. For example, at some point the lovable but gullible Captain Hook makes an appearance. During his screen time, we learn exactly who he is and what his motives are. After seeing this film, I can say I’ll always have a soft spot for Captain Hook.

We also see a completely different side of Peter Pan himself. As an orphan who’s still learning about himself, it makes him more fragile than the witty boy we’ve come to know and love. While his sarcastic, and sometimes snarky, nature is still there, you do see a much quieter and more frightened version of him. We find that Peter needs all the help he can get and seeks it by leaning on his friends in multiple ways.

I felt the actors really helped with bringing the characters to life because they played their roles perfectly. Every actor seem to fully embody the character they portrayed which made it all the more exciting! It also made me feel like I was there with them along this journey and like I could empathize with them on a whole new level.

Let’s talk technical for a bit. Through the film the special effects are very present, it features lots of cool and beautiful ones that add to the magic of the story. A scene that sticks out in particular is the scene with mermaid lagoon and for various reasons. The mermaids themselves have an effect on them and it is a gorgeous one as they appear almost translucent, giving them a very mystical edge. Also, there’s a magical scene where the water plays a memory and they make the memory completely using the water. This memory itself embodies the artistic edge felt throughout the entire film.

The music used in the film is also a nice addition, as they picked interesting tracks that enhance the scenes they’re heard in. The soundtrack is an unexpected but fantastic one, although, what soundtrack isn’t when it includes singing pirates!

Unfortunately, I cannot say the entire film was amazing, just a large portion. There were some downsides to it. It was very predictable in some areas so there wasn’t a strong shock value like in most new films. It also had quite a few strange scenes that made me go “…Okay…” but there weren’t a lot of these scenes, which were good. Lastly, I felt certain things that should have happened didn’t but that might be a personal preference.

“Pan” overall was a fantastic film and I highly recommend it to any other Peter Pan fans out there. “Pan” is still showing at the Roxy Theater and there is a 3D showing of it tonight at 7pm.


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